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Planting a tree


Bev's Tree

Bev’s Tree

Dear Bev,

This morning we did something that I think you would really like. We got together with a bunch of running friends and we planted a live oak tree. In your memory. We’re calling it Bev’s Tree. We are even starting a Facebook page for it so we can all take pictures and watch it grow. It’s just a little guy, but our friend Terry, a fellow who knows of what he speaks when it comes to plants, assures us that it will grow tall and strong with a little love. So we plan on showering it with love. it wasn’t a big mush fest. We kept it mostly tear-free. Don Gilman talked a bit about why were were all there, Terry talked about the tree and Chuck led us all in a Los Feliz Flyers Happy Birthday song since we missed your actual birthday last week (we actually sounded pretty good – you’d have been impressed!). Then we all helped fill the hole around the tree with dirt and after that went out and ran in the Arroyo you loved so much.

Looking at all of the folks gathered there, I was reminded that among your many gifts was one that I bet you’d have pooh-poohed as no big thing.  You had a gift for friendship. When you are out on the road for 10, 15, 20, or even 50 miles it helps to have people running with you who inspire you, who make you laugh, who make the miles pass. You did that on every run with whoever you ran with, you with your whacky stories, amazing laugh and your crazy toe running – you were a pure joy to run with. And everybody who gathered around that little tree today – they were all there because you had run with them and touched them. I bet you had no idea what a big impact you had on all of us.

We have decided to come back to your tree every Veteran’s Day weekend and go for a run and see the tree and remember you. I think you’d enjoy that.

Really, Bev, it was such a beautiful blue sky day. An absolutely perfect day for running. Except for this one huge thing. You weren’t there.

Love you lots and miss you more,


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