26 miles across the sea

June 1, 2017 eileen 0

A few weekends ago Chuck and I headed over to Catalina Island to attend the annual Silent Film Benefit. We actually went over because we won a free night at the Hermosa Hotel in Avalon when we […]

The long road

May 1, 2017 eileen 0

I was out running the other day and for some reason started thinking about how long I’ve been running. Well, what actually happened was that I found some change on the street – 7 cents: […]

Two weeks in Europe, Part 2

April 30, 2017 eileen 0

At the end of part one, I mentioned that we had to change our plans. We basically ran out of time – in our planning we had underestimated the time it was going to take […]

Two weeks in Europe: Part 1

March 24, 2017 eileen 0

A certain someone turned 70 on March 8. That seemed like a pretty big deal, so to celebrate we took a trip to France and Germany, mostly seeing things we’d never seen before. We started […]

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