nce upon a time..." Well, it actually wasn't all that once-upon-a-time long ago but it sounds better than "About two years ago..." Anyway, as we were saying, once upon a time there was this guy and he had an okay life full of good friends and a very nice dog but he felt like something was missing from his life. Meanwhile there was this girl (well, she really was a little too old to be referred to as a girl but it sounds better for the purposes of this story to call her one so that's what she'll stay) who also had an okay life but also felt somewhere in the back of her brain and in the depths of her heart that something was missing.

So one day pretty much by accident they both ended up at the same place at the same time doing something that they both liked to do and lightning struck! Okay, what actually happened is that the guy quizzed a friend of the girl about her availability and the friend talked to the girl who gave it some thought and then the girl emailed the guy and he emailed her and he called her and she called him and they emailed some more and they eventually had dinner and went to a movie, which led to more movies and dinners, did some more running and some bicycle riding, enjoyed a Halloween involving cowboys and Andy Warhol (don't ask), and over time fell slowly and inevitably in love and decided, against all the odds, to live happily (as best they can) ever after. To recap our story:




you get

Which leads us, in a meandering sort of way, to the point of this story:


ou are cordially invited to the Hawaiian luau/potluck BBQ which follows the wedding (okay, it doesn't actually follow the wedding; that will happen a couple of days before the BBQ and to which we are afraid only family is invited, so we're sorry if you feel left out but sometimes these disappointments happen in life and yes, some people might call this a reception but we're calling it a BBQ potluck) of the aforementioned guy, Chuck (aka Charlie) O'Shea, to the aforementioned girl, Eileen Flick.

Date: Sat, Dec 7, 2002 (a day which will live in infamy for completely different reasons)
Time: 3pm until, um, later
Place: Thanks, Maureen and Henry!

The Hawaiian themed luau is in honor of the honeymoon location. So there will be plenty of BBQ'd goodies like fish, chicken and stuff like that. Feel free to bring an appropriately themed side dish and/or drinks of your choice. It's okay to just bring yourselves, too. If we run out of stuff to eat and drink it'll be your fault, that's all. Dress is California casual: no shirt, no shoes, no service. Hawaiian shirts optional.

About the gift thing: Chuck and Eileen thought long and hard about it, but really only wanted a plasma TV from Bang and Olufsen and they don't do wedding registries. So in lieu of gifts just bring yourselves (and your potluck contributions). If you feel you must do some sort of gift thing, send a donation to either your favorite charity or one of ours: the American Cancer Society or the American Diabetes Association.

RSVPs appreciated.