MacWorld 2004

macworld110603.gifIf it’s January, it must be time for MacWorld! We arrived in San Francisco yesterday afternoon, got registered and checked in, then headed over bright and early this morning for Steve Jobs’ keynote address. Whew, what a crowd! It was like attending a rock concert. We waited in various lines for about an hour, then were let in and seated, and then the show began! Jobs introduced a very cool new version of iLife, which now includes a new app called Garage Band, that will make any wannabe symbols for facebook” title=”music symbols for facebook”>musician salivate, and a new iPod, the iPod Mini. John Mayer came on stage to demonstrate Garage Band, and played keyboards and guitar. Wow! Chuck was impressed; it was his first time hearing Steve Jobs, and this was a great address, as 2004 marks the 20th anniversary of the Macintosh. They replayed the amazing “1984” television commercial, with a small update – the runner is now sporting an iPod! After the exciting keynote, we were off to all day tutorials on digital photography and OS X 10.3. All in all, a great, if busy day!