Chuck and Eileen’s Excellent Adventure

May 31, 2006 eileen 0

We are flying out of LAX tomorrow at 6am, heading first to Denver, then on to Rapid City, South Dakota. From there we are renting a car and driving to Deadwood for – drum roll, please – the Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon. I’m both excited […] […]

In the gloaming

May 29, 2006 eileen 0

Jet trails Originally uploaded by eoshea. We spent the day helping my niece move to Lake Elizabeth, which is about 20 minutes northeast of Lancaster. On the drive home, I glanced to my right and was treated to a breathtaking sunset, courtesy of a myriad […] […]

A tale of two toilets

May 25, 2006 eileen 0

Huge news on the O’Shea toilet front: the two upstairs toilets have officially crapped out (pun totally intended). You know what this means?!? YES!!!! TOTO TOILETS!!!! We are going G-MAX to the limit! How cool are we? I couldn’t talk Chuck into going all the […] […]

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