A tale of two toilets

chuck on a toilet in kauaiHuge news on the O’Shea toilet front: the two upstairs toilets have officially crapped out (pun totally intended). You know what this means?!? YES!!!! TOTO TOILETS!!!! We are going G-MAX to the limit! How cool are we? I couldn’t talk Chuck into going all the way and getting the MP3 player and the remote control, but still, this is pretty great news (also pretty expensive, but hey, what price can you put on a good flush, I ask you? see? priceless!). This is the model we’re getting. They are being installed tomorrow, so I will film and record the glorious flush sounds and post them here.

Here’s what is happening: both of the upstairs toilets are backing up with nothing more than a bowlful of, well, mellow yellow to flush. You don’t want to know about the brown stuff, trust me. Let’s just say we’re developing upper arm strength with all the plunging that’s happening. We are also equipping all guests with a plunger when they ask to go potty and suggest they “pre-plunge” to avoid any potential overflow issues as they sit their bums on our toilets. We aren’t clear whether the upstairs pipes are plugged, or if the toilets have just decided it’s time to retire. Believer in signs that I am, I took this as a clear indication from the toilets gods that it was time for us to upgrade. This is also an opportunity to get elongated seats on both johns, something Chuck has wanted for a while.

The plumbers will arrive late tomorrow morning with the new toilets and various tools with which to clear any potential jams and, uh, blockages (I imagine huge blobs of ancient turds trapped in the pipes slowly petrifying) and a telescopic camera with which to view it all up close and personal. It’s going to be an exciting day at Chez O’Shea, that’s all I can say!!

*sigh* Life is good.