I heart craigslist, mostly

Boy, if you have something you want to sell at a fair price, I can’t recommend [craigslist](http://craigslist.org/) highly enough! My friend Cheryl has been a fan of craigslist forever – she used it a lot in northern California to find people to do work around her house, and even found someone to set up her wireless network! Chuck had been hoarding stuff in the garage, old (dare I say ancient?) electronics mostly, and I finally said something had to be done. It’s not like I put my foot down a lot, but very once in a while things drive me crazy. And all of that stuff talking up space on our shelves was just too much. So Chuck went online, wrote up some ads, posted them to craigslist for free, and in less than one week absolutely everything was sold! Even the stuff that didn’t work and in one case as missing parts! 

Fast forward to today, and [my excess iPhone](http://oshea.net/blog/2007/12/a-tale-of-two-iphones.php). I took a picture of the iPhone, and its box, posted the ad with the picture this evening, priced the phone at $300 (I looked at other ads for iPhones and was floored to see people actually asking MORE for used iPhones than the price Apple was selling NEW ones for!!). Less than ten minutes after I made the ad live, the phone was sold!

So now I’m back to one iPhone. And this one has shown no signs of running away or breaking into cars!

UPDATE, 11:25pm: So for reasons known best to craigslist, they pulled my ad after about half an hour. Grrr. And the guy who called and said he was coming never came…or called. *sigh* So Chuck reposted the ad tonight about 11:05 and by 11:15 we had over ten email offers AND a bidding war broke out. Wow! Chuck is off now doing the trade – at the neighborhood 24 hour Walgreen’s as at this time of night he was leery about having strange people coming over to the house. So I still dig craigslist, but apparently they don’t dig me. 🙁