I can see the promised land but…

Well, another day, smother to at getting an Apple iPhone. This time I tried the Apple Store in Pasadena. They had iPhones – the only ones they had were the 16GB models I have my eye on. So far so good. To get on line I had to prequalify – they look me up online with at&t to make sure I qualify. In anticipation of this I called AT&T a few weeks ago and removed my corporate discount. Yet when the Apple person plugged my info in I was out, as in didn’t prequalify.

This leaves me with only one way now to get a 3G, and that’s by direct order through an AT&T store. And yes, I did check with the AT&T store in Pasadena and my account as far as they were concerned was good to go.

Memo to Apple: your system for buying iphones basically sucks.