The Little Prince

Chuck had his fourth chemo treatment today. Phew! It’s hard to believe that nine weeks ago we had just started this journey. It seems like years have passed since then. He’s held up really well, and this time was no different. His blood count was good overall, but his hemoglobin levels were a bit low. The doctor said that if he wakes up one morning too tired to get out of bed, he should come in for a blood test as he might need a transfusion. Eek! He IS tired – but still running, albeit slower than ever.

The next really big deal comes on March 5 when he has a PET scan to measure the effectiveness of the chemo and immunotherapy. In the best case scenario, the cancer will be gone or mostly gone, and the last two treatments will basically be a final ass-kicking of the cancer.

Today our friend Bev came along and drove (thanks, Bev!) and kept me company while Chuck was getting chemo. She brought a special gift for Chuck with her. We waited until he was too doped up on liquid Benadryl to care and then put it on him. I give you the Little Prince:
The LIttle Prince
And then because I just can’t help it, I give you Princess Mia:
princess mia

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