Hurry up and wait

Chuck had the CT-guided needle biopsy this past Thursday. It went quite well – he’s a tough guy. They gave him a shot of lidocaine in his stomach (ack!) and that was it. He got to watch the whole procedure (they offered to knock him out but he opted to stay awake). He said it felt like he’d done too many crunches once the lidocaine wore off, but by the next day he was as good as new. Now we wait, which seems to be the recurring story of our lives. We should learn the results tomorrow, or Tuesday at the latest. The goal now is to not freak each other out – too much. Our imaginations are definitely our worst enemies. I wonder if the doctors consider the price all the waiting takes.

The waiting is the hardest part.


  1. I can imagine how difficult the waiting is! Please know we care, and truly value your friendship. And, please let us know when you hear “the word.”

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