Full disclosure

September 29, 2009 eileen 0

The results of the Las Vegas Triathlon that I did on Sunday are online and I did come in third in my age group…out of three. *sigh* Hey, but at least I finished! And my karma is intact. Somebody’s out there isn’t, though – our […]

Things to do when it’s 106 degrees

September 27, 2009 eileen 3

In my case, it included swimming 1.5K, biking 40K, then running a 10K at the Las Vegas Triathlon. And let me tell you, it was HOT out there! The triathlon took place in and around Boulder Beach at Lake Mead. The swim started around 7:15am […]

Getting strong now

September 21, 2009 eileen 4

<cue theme from Rocky> So here at Chez O’Shea we have been all about the physical fitness/getting in shape thing of late. I’ve been training for an Olympic distance triathlon that is (gulp!) next weekend and Chuck has been struggling to get back in shape […]

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