Paris here we come!

Chuck and I registered today for the 2010 Paris Marathon that takes place on April 11! Ooh-la-la! It’ll be our first trip to Europe since we ran the Medoc Marathon in 2007. This time we’re going to finish the race, and spend some quality time in the City of Lights. Then we’re planning to head off to the Netherlands and Belgium (though some folks have warned us that April is tulip season and the Netherlands can be crazy busy so we aren’t dead certain yet if we’ll be going there).

We are also running a half-marathon in October but my focus is still on the triathlon that is now just a bit more than a week away. Yikes! But training is going well so I hope to do okay. though last weekend temps by midday in the Lake Mead area where the race takes place topped 112!! Here’s hoping I don’t spontaneously combust on the course.


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