Off to a strong start in 2010

Well, it’s 2010 and we have started it off with a bang – at least as regards our running & training. So far this year (the last five days) we’ve run 18 miles. What are we chasing, you ask? The Paris marathon in April, I respond. Oh, and another race is also looming: the Race on the Base, a reverse sprint triathlon happening at the end of February. Chuck is concerned enough about the tri that he has started swimming at the pool with me! Needless to say, all of this activity is making us feel quite virtuous.

Looming in our more immediate future is Chuck’s next immunotherapy appointment at City of Hope. This one includes a PET scan, and he hasn’t had one of those in six month. The PET scans are the pesky tests that show whether any lymphoma has reappeared anywhere. Late last week, without talking about it or even really acknowledging it, both Chuck and I started thinking about this – a lot. Generally at night. Late at night. And we were quietly laying there being kind of scared (but not getting that it was being subconsciously scared that was keeping us awake), trying not to wake the other up. More enlightened folk at this point might pipe up and say, “Hey, you guys should TALK about it!” But it took several semi-sleepless nights before we got to the root of what was wrong (I get credit for figuring it out first). Once again, the new reality of living with cancer reared its ugly head in our lives. And by just talking about it, accepting that it was on our minds and it was really scary, made it if not okay at least better. Okay, the bottle of wine helped, too.

So our strong start isn’t all about running, it’s about living!

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  1. Very touched by what you went through and said. So true!
    I hate that damned cancer.
    I’ll be praying for healthy results. Is that negative or positive?

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