Thank God It’s Monday!

the courtyard at terraneaToday is Chuck’s birthday, and Saturday was our friend Valerie’s. So to celebrate, several if us went to the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes this past weekend. It’s located on the tip of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, where Marineland once stood (and where they filmed the TV series Sea Hunt). It’s an absolutely beautiful location, removed from the traffic and crowds – the perfect getaway. There are three swimming pools and seven restaurants on the property, as well as a huge fitness center and a full service spa. Our big goal for the weekend was to do a 20 mile training run on Saturday. It took almost five hours, but we did it! The weather very kindly cooperated and it didn’t rain until the afternoon when we were done running but the cloud cover made the temps while were running perfect. When we got back, we all  had a long soak in one of the resort hot tubs, a celebratory brunch and wrapped the day up with a long afternoon nap.

This was our longest training run by a bit (my longest was 14 miles and Chuck’s was 11) so we were a bit nervous as to whether we’d survive the whole 20. But it went really well so we are both feeling a LOT more confident about the Paris Marathon in four weeks.

Today we are seeing our tax guy and working – which may not seem like much of a way to celebrate but when I think back to where we were a year ago (Chuck was heading into his fifth of six chemo treatments and felt like shit and could barely walk a mile let alone run 20), it’s all good.

Happy birthday, big guy! You’re looking fabulous.

Pics here of the weekend.