iPad App Store is open for business!

I’ve already updated iTunes, accepted the new service agreement (yada yada yada), and downloaded several iPad apps (talk about being all dressed up with nowhere to go!). So far I’ve gotten: ABC Player (streaming ABC shows over wifi, yippee!), NPR for iPad (streaming NPR shows over wifi, yippee!), NYT Editors’ Choice (streaming… okay, you get the idea), pages (the only app I paid money for so I can actually do some semi-productive stuff), Shazam for iPad, Twitterrific for iPad, USA Today for iPad, and WebEx for iPad. I’m holding off on books until I understand how they work on the iPad. All of the apps show up in a new row in the updated Tunes:
itunes screen shot

Now I am deeply conflicted over what to be more excited about: that the iPad arrives on Saturday or that we leave for Paris, baby! on Wednesday. Oh, the lure of bright shiny objects! Be still, my beating heart

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  1. I had to see what you thought of the iPad, more to come I am sure-I might be tempted too…………. : )

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