iMovie and iPhone 4 experiment

Of course, both Chuck and I had to buy iMovie for the iPhone ($4.99). It’s fun and really easy to use and a deal at that price. It looks in your Camera Roll for video you shoot (or you can shoot the video on the fly) then you can edit it by giving the video a theme and soundtrack if you like. You can also do some simple cutting/edits as well. Once you’ve done all that and saved it, you can use the Flickr app to upload it to your Flickr account, or use the option in Camera Roll to upload the move to your YouTube account. Both work great, but if you upload the movie to Flickr it does some major compression generating a pretty low quality film. YouTube uploading generates a better outcome. Here’s the YouTube video: (with the vuvuzela button!), and here’s the Flickr movie: You can see the difference. Keep in mind that the iPhone 4 can capture HD video, so that gives you some idea of Flickr’s compression.

More on battery life next. Oh, and the burning question we’ve all been asking: will it blend? Yes it will!