Junk email of the week

Received this morning:

Dear webmail User,

We are undertaking some maintenance to verifying our subscribers email account but you need extensive maintenance to improve your webmail Service and this is what we want to do for your account.

We are deleting all unused E-mail account, to confirm that your account is currently in use and join in the recent maintenance scheme, you must reply to this email by providing your account details below.

*EMAIL: …….
*NAME: ………..

Please if you have more than one account, also send us the details as required so that we can verify and confirm the accounts.

we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Note that the details you send to us will only be used for the reason mentioned above.

Webmail Technical Dept

But the best part was the subject line of the email: Massage from your webmail tech dept. How can you not take THAT seriously?

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