I should read our blog more often:

December 29, 2011 chuck 1

I completely missed an entry from Eileen a few weeks back, then today I received an email from a friend, Richard Castro, congratulating me on our 9th anniversary.  Was really very nice of him to say and to send a copy of Eileen’s post, “Another […]

Junk mail of the week

December 6, 2011 eileen 0

Wow, Verizon is really upping their customer service standards, at least via email. Received today (twice!): Hello Dear! Your current bill for your account  is now available online in My Verizon Total Balance Due: $1887.53 Keep in mind that payments and/or adjustments made to your […]

Another anniversary

December 4, 2011 eileen 2

Today is Chuck and my ninth anniversary. Wow, nine years! If someone had told me 12 years ago what my life would be like today, I would never in a million years have envisioned my life as it is now. At that time I expected […]