10 years

November 30, 2012 eileen 1

Ten years ago next Tuesday in Laguna Beach at a gazebo overlooking the ocean on a glorious afternoon just at sunset (I took the craziest risk of my life (did I mention that prior to meeting Chuck I was a lifelong commitment-phobe?) and married Chuck. […]

Chez O’Shea is back in business!

November 19, 2012 eileen 3

Just in time for holiday visitors, Chez O’Shea is open and ready for company! It took us ten days of intermittent hard work (with breaks for gainful employment) but the spare bedroom now has hardwood floors, fresh paint and an overall new look and feel. […]

Keeping Big Brother in the Know

November 13, 2012 eileen 0

Chuck and I are going to the Caribbean in early December to celebrate our tenth anniversary (I know! Awesome, huh? We’re pretty excited.) We wanted to go someplace where neither of us had been and that wouldn’t break the bank (home improvement ain’t cheap) and […]