Happily done with crawling around on the floor

UntitledThe master bedroom remodel, part 1 is finally done! We finished laying the  floor a few days ago and are now painting all of the baseboards and door trim (for not just our bedroom but the entire hallway – we’ve expanded the plan). the floor looks fabulous and we are now carpet-free, except for the stairs.

The next step is to get the framing done for the new closet. Initially, Chuck was going to do this but after some thought and discussion we decided that this sort of construction was a bit outside his area of expertise. Drywall, it turns out, is hard. At least hard to do well. So we hired a drywall guy through Angie’s List (LOVE Angie’s List!). Once he’s done, then we need to paint and get ready for part 2 of the remodel: a new closet and new doors  in the room. That happens in mid-March.

Pics of all the action are here.

Once the new doors and closets are in then part 3 starts: the bathroom remodel! In the meantime I am building a Pinterest board, thinking about backsplash tile and sinks and hardware.