An experiment in (not really) blogging

I have become super lazy about posting content to the blog – after ten years I have officially run out of gas and am tired of feeling vaguely guilty about not updating the blog.. It’s not that stuff isn’t going on, I just – well, I just don’t have the same need/want/interest to write up all of our thrilling (hah!) daily adventures. But I’m also not willing to completely give up. I do post stuff to Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter (not all the time but semi-regularly) and every so often do the odd blog post.  What to do?

When I read about Rebel Mouse, I saw a way to potentially bring the blog back to at least semi-life. Rebel Mouse lets you aggregate your social media content into what is essentially a sort of mash-up of everything. So welcome to osheas::blog 2.0! We’ll see how long it lasts!

Update: That didn’t last long. Rebel Mouse is cool, but still pretty beta. I couldn’t control the order in which it was pushing stuff to the top. So for now I’m keeping it as a page and see where it goes as it grows and matures.