Countdown begins – Weigh In

September 17, 2018 chuck 0

Leaving tomorrow morning.  Appears Eileen has won the luggage weight competition.  My final weight for my suitcase is 22.8.  Now I’ve got to say if Eileen comes in at 20.8 I feel it would be a tie as she did go out and get a […]

Tri Season Once Again

August 19, 2012 chuck 0

We got up at 4 AM – yes 4 AM! – to head out to Hansen Dam for Eileen’s first triathlon this year. I was a bit concerned about her bike training but I guess all those weeks in spin class paid off even if […]

I should read our blog more often:

December 29, 2011 chuck 1

I completely missed an entry from Eileen a few weeks back, then today I received an email from a friend, Richard Castro, congratulating me on our 9th anniversary.  Was really very nice of him to say and to send a copy of Eileen’s post, “Another […]

Customer Service

August 18, 2011 chuck 0

Any of you who read the blog on a regular basis know I don’t post very often. After two mediocre encounters with customer service folks recently I felt a need. My gut level is customer server has gone the same way as the Dodo bird. […]

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