Weigh in semi-final tally

September 19, 2018 eileen 0

Haha! I win! When we arrived at LAX and checked our bags, the final tally was Chuck at 23 lbs and me at 20 lbs. In the spirit of full disclosure, my bag IS 2 […]

Countdown begins

September 11, 2018 eileen 0

We are t minus 7 days from the start of our Rick Steves trip to Eastern Europe. Yes, we’re going on an organized tour. We had talked to my sister and brother-in-law for a while […]

Home sweet home

July 17, 2018 eileen 0

I am back in our home office as I write this wrap-up entry. We made it home yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, making good time from Paso Robles. We left Crescent City and drove to Eureka where […]

The Oregon Trail

July 10, 2018 eileen 2

When last we left our intrepid travelers…we were in Tillamook, Oregon. After leaving Tillamook we drove to Reedsport, OR (where we spent a night pondering whether we had ended up in an alternate “Deliverance” universe […]

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