Dipping our toes back in life

June 18, 2021 eileen 0

It’s mid-June and Chuck and I are fully vaccinated and starting to get back into the swing of “normal” life. This new normal involves always having a mask handy and washing our hands a LOT more than in pre-pandemic times. But in one big way […]

Time capsule: Life in the time of coronavirus

June 18, 2021 eileen 0

After a long time away, I logged into the blog and found this draft post from June 2020. A year ago. A lifetime ago. Weird trip down memory lane. Dear Diary, It’s been twelve weeks since shelter in place hunker down quarantine safer at home […]

Where does the time go?

November 14, 2019 eileen 0

How did it get to be November already?!? Seems like just yesterday we were getting back from North Carolina and I was feeling pretty good about keeping up with the blog. Oh well, so much for my good intentions. We’re getting down to the wire […]

Still fascinated by bright, shiny objects

January 13, 2019 eileen 0

We just got back from four days in Las Vegas attending the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show. We have been going off and on for several years as “industry professionals” (or something like that). Chuck swung this magical designation for us long ago and since then […]

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