How to Fail at Customer Service

October 24, 2015 eileen 0

As we go through life, we encounter all sorts of customer service experiences. There’s the incomprehensible person taking orders at McDonald’s drive-thru window (bad), there’s the awesome barista at Starbucks who patiently corrects a problem with a drink order (good), there’s the helpful person at […]

The mysteries of data usage

November 24, 2010 eileen 1

A few months ago, AT&T was the first mobile carrier to switch to tiered data usage plans, and now the other big behemoth, Verizon, is following suit. AT&T charges $15/month for 200MB of data, or $25 for 2GB (if you were an original iPhone user […]

Google Voice rocks!

September 15, 2010 eileen 2

I have been wrestling with a phone issue recently: I’ve got a headset and can hear on it but I can’t seem to make myself heard very well, so always end up having to use the handset to make myself heard. Not a big deal […]

iMovie and iPhone 4 experiment

June 28, 2010 eileen 0

Of course, both Chuck and I had to buy iMovie for the iPhone ($4.99). It’s fun and really easy to use and a deal at that price. It looks in your Camera Roll for video you shoot (or you can shoot the video on the […]

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