Where does the time go?

November 14, 2019 eileen 0

How did it get to be November already?!? Seems like just yesterday we were getting back from North Carolina and I was feeling pretty good about keeping up with the blog. Oh well, so much for my good intentions. We’re getting down to the wire […]

The quest begins

August 27, 2019 eileen 2

After much talk we have finally begun our official exploration into places where we might retire. Okay, that sentence really does a good job of illustrating how indecisive I am. But hey, baby steps! We decided to start with North Carolina, a place we have […]

Countdown begins – Weigh In

September 17, 2018 chuck 0

Leaving tomorrow morning.  Appears Eileen has won the luggage weight competition.  My final weight for my suitcase is 22.8.  Now I’ve got to say if Eileen comes in at 20.8 I feel it would be a tie as she did go out and get a […]

O Canada!

June 30, 2018 eileen 0

Our road trip continues… we left the stark beauty of Utah behind for the big sky country of Montana (we also drove through Idaho and saw just enough to make me think it would a grand place to come back and visit). It never ceases […]

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