The Search for the Whale

March 16, 2004 eileen 0

Call me Ishmael. No, call me disappointed. Okay I’m not that disappointed, but today’s experience did remind me a little of the two nights (so far) of my life that I have spent waiting for […]

Disneyland Adventures

March 15, 2004 eileen 0

I must have been all of six or seven the first time I went to Disneyland. Over the course of my lifetime, I can no longer count how often I’ve gone. I’ve been on every […]

Sedona Adventures

March 8, 2004 eileen 0

For Chuck’s birthday this year, I gave him a hot air balloon ride in Sedona, AZ. We drove up on Friday, and woke up bright and early Saturday for the ride. It was pretty cold, […]

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