The Week in Review

March 28, 2004 eileen 0

Well, the week started out busily and ended the same way. Took my mind off my upcoming ankle surgery, sort of. We went to dinner on Tuesday at a cool place in Los Feliz called the Vermont Restaurant. Our friend Gerry was waiter for a […]

The Magic of Television

March 20, 2004 eileen 0

Our friends Apryl and David arranged for us to attend the taping of an episode of That 70s Show last night. What a treat! First David (who works on the show) gave us a tour of where the writers write the scripts, then we went […]

26 Miles Across the Sea

March 18, 2004 eileen 0

Santa Catalina was awaitin’ for us. Our adventures with Chuck’s niece Katie continued yesterday with a trip across the channel to Catalina Island. The zippy catamaran took only an hour to get there. (After our whale quest, we did keep an eye out for any […]

The Search for the Whale

March 16, 2004 eileen 0

Call me Ishmael. No, call me disappointed. Okay I’m not that disappointed, but today’s experience did remind me a little of the two nights (so far) of my life that I have spent waiting for the grunion to run. And don’t even get me started […]

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