26 Miles Across the Sea

March 18, 2004 eileen 0

Santa Catalina was awaitin’ for us. Our adventures with Chuck’s niece Katie continued yesterday with a trip across the channel to Catalina Island. The zippy catamaran took only an hour to get there. (After our whale quest, we did keep an eye out for any […]

The Search for the Whale

March 16, 2004 eileen 0

Call me Ishmael. No, call me disappointed. Okay I’m not that disappointed, but today’s experience did remind me a little of the two nights (so far) of my life that I have spent waiting for the grunion to run. And don’t even get me started […]

Disneyland Adventures

March 15, 2004 eileen 0

I must have been all of six or seven the first time I went to Disneyland. Over the course of my lifetime, I can no longer count how often I’ve gone. I’ve been on every ride and gone in every store. I even created a […]

The Joys of Blogging

March 13, 2004 eileen 0

I blew my ears out (well, that’s what it feels like) on the balloon ride in AZ, and have been suffering from an earache ever since. The doctor gave me good drugs to help yesterday, but I have to take one and then sit up […] […]

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