The Joys of Blogging

March 13, 2004 eileen 0

I blew my ears out (well, that’s what it feels like) on the balloon ride in AZ, and have been suffering from an earache ever since. The doctor gave me good drugs to help yesterday, but I have to take one and then sit up […] […]

Sedona Adventures

March 8, 2004 eileen 0

For Chuck’s birthday this year, I gave him a hot air balloon ride in Sedona, AZ. We drove up on Friday, and woke up bright and early Saturday for the ride. It was pretty cold, but clear as a bell. The whole experience was amazing, […]

Get Out the Vote!

March 3, 2004 eileen 0

If it’s March, it must be election time. We cast our ballots yesterday like good little Democrats. After finding out about a scary organization called the Campaign for California Families, voting for the propositions was a breeze. I just voted the opposite of whatever the […]

Oscars & Bennigan’s

February 29, 2004 eileen 0

We watched the Oscars at Bennigan’s, a bar and restaurant in Glendale. Why? Well, our friend Jack, the party ringleader, likes it there because he’s addicted to NTN, a video trivia game, and he didn’t want to host a party at his house. Tonight the […] […]

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