Sedona Adventures

March 8, 2004 eileen 0

For Chuck’s birthday this year, I gave him a hot air balloon ride in Sedona, AZ. We drove up on Friday, and woke up bright and early Saturday for the ride. It was pretty cold, but clear as a bell. The whole experience was amazing, […]

Get Out the Vote!

March 3, 2004 eileen 0

If it’s March, it must be election time. We cast our ballots yesterday like good little Democrats. After finding out about a scary organization called the Campaign for California Families, voting for the propositions was a breeze. I just voted the opposite of whatever the […]

Oscars & Bennigan’s

February 29, 2004 eileen 0

We watched the Oscars at Bennigan’s, a bar and restaurant in Glendale. Why? Well, our friend Jack, the party ringleader, likes it there because he’s addicted to NTN, a video trivia game, and he didn’t want to host a party at his house. Tonight the […] […]

Dog Beach Afternoon

February 28, 2004 eileen 0

Yesterday we went to Dog Beach with our friend Skip and his dog Rocky, an Australian Shepherd. Mia loved it, and both dogs had a great time running around like maniacs (Rocky kept herding Mia, which was interesting and silly). The surf was supposed to […] […]

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