Starting to plan for a very big trip!

November 3, 2018 eileen 0

In my opinion, the second best thing to actually going on a trip is to plan for a trip. And we are starting to plan for a really big trip – an African safari. Okay, I could say a tour of Africa but saying you’re […]

Switzerland, part two

October 12, 2018 eileen 0

We left Zermatt and journeyed to Mürren, a trip that entailed 5 train transfers and one cable car ride. Pretty neat! The cable car fooled me. When I looked at it, I asked “Where are the tracks?” as they appeared to just disappear into the […]

Switzerland, part one

October 8, 2018 eileen 0

After we bade a fond farewell to Slovenia at the charming Ljubljana airport, we flew to Zurich by way of Paris. And in Paris we bid adieu to my sister and brother-in-law who were heading home to Pittsburgh via Reykjavik (you’d never guess, I bet, […]

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