Post impressions

April 12, 2012 eileen 1

We’ve been home for a few days now and already Europe and our time there is receding in my memory (kind of like the jet-lag). But casting my mind back, when last I left us, we were off to Delft. Delft turned out to be […]

Those crazy Amsterdammers!

April 6, 2012 eileen 0

We arrived in Amsterdam yesterday, and are staying at (as everyone who hears we are staying here tells us) a five-star hotel. Chuck’s remark on seeing our room was, “I expected something bigger for a five-star hotel.” Actually, it’s a pretty good sized room and […]

Au revoir Paris, Goedendag Amsterdam

April 4, 2012 eileen 1

Katie headed back to Michigan yesterday (that would be Tuesday). We took her to Charles de Gaulle via metro and saw her through the security line, then headed off to Roissy-en-France to secure a hotel for our return to Paris next Sunday. Roissy, you may […]