A lovely article that explains why I love Apple

April 1, 2010 eileen 0

Stephen Fry, one of the funniest guys around, has written a wonderful article for Time magazine about Apple, the iPad, and Steve Jobs. It’s a lovely, funny read. His description of going over to play with Douglas Adams is classic: “Is he in?” I would […]

Now we wait (Apple fangirl update)

March 12, 2010 eileen 1

Today was the big day. I’ve been anxiously waiting all week. Yesterday the big announcement came: at 5:30am (PST) Apple new iPad would go on sale (for pre-order, arrives by April 3). I was up by 5:20. Paced in front of the computer and at […]

The week that was

February 15, 2010 eileen 6

It’s been a solid week on the road for Chuck and me. We’ve been traveling since last Sunday, and got home late yesterday. We spent five days in Yuba City where Chuck was doing some training, then headed down to visit friends in Vacaville, then […]

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