Evil text charges: a cautionary tale

September 12, 2012 eileen 1

I just got off the phone with our wireless provider (AT&T) over a very interesting issue. Being the Apple fangirl that I am I was pretty excited about the iPhone 5 announcement and decided to take a look at our account and see what our […]

Cautionary tale re: international data roaming

May 24, 2010 eileen 4

When we went on our volcanically extended trip to Europe last month, both Chuck and I signed up for international data roaming with at&t so we could use our iPhones (and boy, did we use them!). We also signed up for the service that reduced […]

Hot dog, hot dog, hot dog!!

September 3, 2009 eileen 0

AT&T  will launch MMS for iPhone service on Sep 25!! Yippee!! Read all about it here. The bad news: not available for first generation iPhones. The good news: an excellent reason to upgrade!