Just when we thought the remodel was done, it wasn’t!

June 27, 2012 eileen 3

So we were feeling pretty cocky, pretty woohoo-we-are-done-with-this-house-remodel-deal! And then the closet bars fell down and we realized that we had forgotten to check on the status of the closets (there are only two in the house). Once we looked, it was a pretty sad […]

Finally, the kitchen remodel begins…

January 28, 2012 eileen 0

But it’s the rental house’s kitchen, not ours. Our tenants, who had lived in the rental for 7 years, recently moved out which left the house empty. It was too excellent an opportunity to pass up, so we put off our kitchen remodel. *sigh* Still, […]


July 26, 2011 eileen 0

It took almost exactly twice as long as expected, but the money pit has been transformed! It’s now a green house with red accents. Here’s the before and after: