Another day, another dead tourist photo opp

June 30, 2013 eileen 0

So Cal is sweltering in a multi-day heat wave, so of course we went on a 33 mile bike ride this morning up San Gabriel Canyon Road then to the end East Fork Road. Three water bottles of liquid later we were finished – literally. […]

Time has this way of getting away from me…

November 7, 2010 eileen 4

Wow, I just looked at the last blog posting and noticed it’s been almost a month since I’ve written anything! Bad, bad blogger! There’s no good excuse except, well, life has just intervened and I haven’t taken the time to document it. In my defense, […]

How we’ve spent our week

November 12, 2009 eileen 2

We had a great weekend biking around the Solvang area. Saturday was the Solvang Prelude where we rode 50 miles, then on Sunday we did a recreational 25-miler from Solvang to Babcock Winery (one of our favorites) and back (25 miles). In all the time […]

Oh, my aching sit bones!

October 3, 2009 eileen 4

Now that the Las Vegas Triathlon is out of the way, we’ve fixed our focus on the next two races: a half marathon next weekend in Healdsburg, and a 50 mile bike ride in Solvang in November. So yesterday we ran 9 1/2 miles and […]

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