Sending 2012 out with a bang…

January 2, 2013 eileen 0

The bang of a hammer and nail gun, that is. Having finished the larger guest bedroom in November, this New Year’s holiday we undertook the smaller guest room’s makeover – the goal being to be (mostly) finished with both guest bedrooms by 2013, making way […]

Chez O’Shea is currently closed for renovation

July 30, 2012 eileen 2

And so it begins. The long-planned redo of our bathrooms has begun. Over the past two weeks we have been slowly demolishing the spare bathroom (actually, it went pretty quickly, we just kept getting interrupted by, you know, work and life and stuff like that). […]

On hold

February 17, 2012 eileen 3

Ah the perils of home improvement! When last we visited the money pit, the front house remodel was bopping along quite nicely. The contractor’s work was going well and looking fabulous and we were on track to be done by March 1. Then – da-da-DUM […]

The continuing adventures of life in the money pit

July 17, 2011 eileen 0

When last we left our intrepid home improvement saga, we were gearing up to paint the house. Well, here we are a couple of weeks later and we are still gearing up to paint the house. But we’re getting closer! ├é┬áSelecting colors proved more arduous […]

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