End of the journey

August 20, 2017 eileen 0

Days 6-9 Where We Wrap Up the Journey and get to Channel Moby Dick: We spent Day 6 in Juneau where we were driven out to the Mendenhall Glacier and got to hike around the trail there. The glacier is amazing, of course, but more […]

Further North

August 13, 2017 eileen 0

The journey continues… Days 3-5, Where We Encounter a Lot of Totem Poles, Glaciers, a Squirrel, Sea Lions, and the Tails of Some Whales: On Day 3 we visited Kasaan in the morning and met the Haida (a corporation, not a reservation – they made a […]

North to Alaska

August 11, 2017 eileen 0

Day One: Where We Arrive in Alaska: Our Alaska Dream Cruise started a few days ago at LAX. We flew Alaska Airlines from LAX to Seattle, WA then from Seattle on to Ketchikan, AK. We hadn’t flown Alaska in a while, but from what we experienced […]