Thoughts on our huggable cuddly iPad that wuvs us

April 5, 2010 eileen 1

Our iPad arrived late on Saturday (its release day) and I was super excited to open the box. As always, Apple outdoes everybody in elegance of packaging (which just heightens the excitement level). Once out of the box, the iPad at first glance looks like […]

iPad App Store is open for business!

April 1, 2010 eileen 1

I’ve already updated iTunes, accepted the new service agreement (yada yada yada), and downloaded several iPad apps (talk about being all dressed up with nowhere to go!). So far I’ve gotten: ABC Player (streaming ABC shows over wifi, yippee!), NPR for iPad (streaming NPR shows […]

A lovely article that explains why I love Apple

April 1, 2010 eileen 0

Stephen Fry, one of the funniest guys around, has written a wonderful article for Time magazine about Apple, the iPad, and Steve Jobs. It’s a lovely, funny read. His description of going over to play with Douglas Adams is classic: “Is he in?” I would […]

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