Hot dog, hot dog, hot dog!!

September 3, 2009 eileen 0

AT&T  will launch MMS for iPhone service on Sep 25!! Yippee!! Read all about it here. The bad news: not available for first generation iPhones. The good news: an excellent reason to upgrade!

To upgrade or not to upgrade…

June 12, 2009 eileen 0

Apple announced the new iPhone 3GS this week, and good little Apple fangirl that I am, it made my heart go pitterpat. But once my heart rate returned to normal, reality set in (well, actually reality in the form of a $399 upgrade cost) and […]

iPhone app awesomeness: Night Camera

February 5, 2009 eileen 0

The camera on the iPhone is pretty weak in anything other than daylight, let’s be honest. No flash, 2.0 megapixels – it’s okay but good luck with the night shots. Want to beef it up? Try Night Camera. It works its magic by utilizing the […]

The downside to being President

January 13, 2009 eileen 2

I have read throughout the campaign and election that President-elect Obama is a CrackBerry addict. Well, for anybody who loves their BlackBerry, or iPhone, or Treo here’s the latest horrifying news: he can’t use it once he takes office! Yep, they’re taking it away from […]

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