Junk mail of the week

December 6, 2011 eileen 0

Wow, Verizon is really upping their customer service standards, at least via email. Received today (twice!): Hello Dear! Your current bill for your account  is now available online in My Verizon Total Balance Due: $1887.53 Keep in mind that payments and/or adjustments made to your […]

Junk email of the week

May 6, 2011 eileen 0

Received this morning: Dear webmail User, We are undertaking some maintenance to verifying our subscribers email account but you need extensive maintenance to improve your webmail Service and this is what we want to do for your account. We are deleting all unused E-mail account, […]

Enough with the catalogs!

February 2, 2010 eileen 1

If you’re like me, you get inundated with junk catalogs on an almost daily basis. A lot of the time they’re catalogs from companies from whom I’ve never ordered anything. Argh! What to do? Try Catalog Choice! It’s a little tedious at first as you […]