The waiting is the hardest part

July 23, 2009 eileen 2

Chuck had a PET scan this past Monday, his first since the one that declared him in remission from his follicular lymphoma last April. The test itself was uneventful: he had to eat a weird diet the night before to get his blood sugars low, […]

The road goes ever on and on

March 9, 2009 eileen 0

Today marked Chuck’s fifth chemo treatment. It was also the day we got the results of the PET scan he had last week to measure the effectiveness of the chemo on his lymphoma. It wasn’t the slam dunk we had hoped for, but it wasn’t […]

The cost of chemo

February 24, 2009 eileen 5

Literally: $23,000 per treatment on average before insurance. Okay, I’m exaggerating. $17,000 of that is for the immunotherapy drug, Rituximab (which was denied by our insurance as not necessary at first; thank you to the City of Hope for fighting that fight for us!). But […]

The Little Prince

February 16, 2009 eileen 1

Chuck had his fourth chemo treatment today. Phew! It’s hard to believe that nine weeks ago we had just started this journey. It seems like years have passed since then. He’s held up really well, and this time was no different. His blood count was […]

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