Traveling with pets

July 19, 2017 eileen 0

When Chuck and I began thinking about driving to Chicago and back with Maggie, it seemed like a fun adventure for all of us. And it has been – for the most part. With some […]

The long way home

July 15, 2017 eileen 0

When last I left our intrepid group (you know, us), we were in Chicago staying at the very-expensive-but-otherwise-just-okay W Chicago Lakeshore. We picked Maggie up from Tucker Pups, said our farewells to family, wished poor […]

Gone to look for America

July 9, 2017 eileen 0

To celebrate Chuck’s retirement (well, mostly retirement, he will still be doing some consulting, at least for a while), Chuck and Maggie and I decided to take a celebratory road trip. While we have thought […]

New beginnings

July 27, 2016 eileen 0

I’ve been taking a bit of a break from blogging and most social media for the past several months. 2015 was a pretty rough year and 2016 didn’t exactly start off all sunshiney and great. […]