Exploring Prague

September 23, 2018 eileen 2

We spent a lot of our final day in Prague in the Prague Castle complex. They aren’t kidding when they say it’s the largest castle complex in Europe. It took about four hours to see most of the buildings and St. Vitus Cathedral – a […]

Our Rick Steves adventure begins!

September 21, 2018 eileen 0

Today (Sep 21) was the first day of our official Eastern Europe (or as this region is more popularly known, Central Europe) tour. But before the actual start at 3pm we had time to see and do a few Prague-ish things. We joined forces with […]

Heading east

September 20, 2018 eileen 3

We landed in Zurich on Sep 19 and challenge one became getting from the airport to the main train station as we were catching a night train to Prague. Switzerland lived up to its super efficient multilingual reputation right away as it proved pretty easy […]