The master bedroom: finishing touches

April 5, 2013 eileen 0

At last the master bedroom is done! The final thing were the closet doors and they were installed this week (mis-measurement caused a delay). So I give you the before and after: The bathroom is on hold until we find out about taxes. Fingers crossed!

Happily done with crawling around on the floor

February 23, 2013 eileen 0

The master bedroom remodel, part 1 is finally done! We finished laying the  floor a few days ago and are now painting all of the baseboards and door trim (for not just our bedroom but the entire hallway – we’ve expanded the plan). the floor […]

Chez O’Shea is back in business!

November 19, 2012 eileen 3

Just in time for holiday visitors, Chez O’Shea is open and ready for company! It took us ten days of intermittent hard work (with breaks for gainful employment) but the spare bedroom now has hardwood floors, fresh paint and an overall new look and feel. […]