It’s just not Christmas without an iPod under the tree

It’s Boxing Day, the day where we clean up the mess from the day before, nursing our hangovers and finding bits of wrapping and packaging under all the furniture. Just kidding! For me it’s the day when I upload all the photos from the day before!

We had a great day, starting with the Great Unwrapping of all the goodies under the treee. It was a very electronic holiday, with an iDog, a weird spacey creature that dances and makes rude noises to symbols for facebook” title=”music symbols for facebook”>music, and a black iPod nano all waiting to join the family. One of my presents from Chuck was a waffle maker, so after all the gifts were opened, I made waffles for everyone, which leads me to wonder whether he got the waffle maker for me or himself. Oh well. I went for a run in the afternoon with my new iPod nano, and was very impressed with its size and screen (I love the shuffle too, but it’s really hard to listen to an audio book when there’s no screen to allow you to see where you’re at or to go back easily and I have just started Sue Grafton’s new book, S Is for Silence).

Later in the day we went over to our friend Jack’s where we ate too much again, had some wine, then spent the evening singing karaoke Christmas caroles. We ended the evening with a karaoke rendition of Twelve Days of Christmas, but the highlight of the evening was our friend Gerry doing a kickass imitation of Bob Dylan singing “Away in a Manger.” Luckily, I switched to movie mode with my camera and captured it. It’s eerie how well he captured the spirit of Dylan.

I was having a little trouble remembering how to turn the camera to its movie setting (this was before Gerry did his Dylan impression and don’t think for a minute it was because I had too much of the aforementioned wine) and managed to completely miss our friend Bev’s very cool song and dance routine to, I believe, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” But I did manage to catch a whole lot of feet and some sideways views of Chuck. Sorry, Bev, you were great! That’s me in the background doing “Silent Night” in German (ha-ha and apologies in advance to Germans everywhere).

Happy ho ho ho! Pics are here.

On an unrelated note: my video iPod has returned. Well, actually a replacement video iPod has returned. It’s working great, and I have a bunch of new stuff on it, including some Three Stooges from this cool site. Selections are still slim, but growing.