What’s in your wallet?

Chuck was wandering around the house this morning with a puzzled look on his face. I asked him what was wrong, and he answered, “I can’t find my business check card.” Uh-oh. He was pretty sure of the last time he used it, but it wasn’t in the usual places: by the computer (for online purchases), or in his wallet (we went through it very carefully). A thorough search of his pants and jacket pockets seemed like a good idea, so I went into the closet and started going through his jackets. About two jackets into my search, I felt something kind of long and mushy. Whoa! What could THAT be? I reached in and pulled out — a banana!! As it happened, a rather old, blackened banana. In the other pocket was $21. That was it, no check card, just a moldy banana and $21. Interestingly, Chuck had no idea where either came from.