It’s a sad day at Chez O’Shea….

The iPhone 3G has been out since Friday, and we still haven’t been able to even touch one, much less buy one. The at&t stores have been sold out within 15 minutes of opening since the Friday launch, and the wait at the Apple Store is a couple of hours.


I decided to spend the remainder of my tax stimulus check upgrading, but the challenge will clearly be to actually find a store that has them in stock and where I won’t go grey(er) waiting. *sigh* I actually may do alright in this upgrade. If I can sell my iPhone 2G for $200 on craigslist, I’ll pretty much break even.

In the meantime, I’ll have to settle for playing around with the iPhone 2.0 software and third party apps. My fave downloads so far (all free):

  • Pandora (Internet radio player)
  • Currency (currency converter)
  • Light (turn your iPhone into a flashlight for a few seconds)
  • Twitterific (easy to send tweets)
  • Box Office (find movies playing in your area)
  • (find hotels & book rooms in your area – wherever that is)

The apps all work well, but I have noticed that they drain my iPhone’s battery. Since I have this enforced wait to satisfy my iPhone fix, I am now leaning toward a 16GB in white (you can only get white in the 16GB size). It’s dumb, but the white one will show a lot fewer fingerprints, etc, than the black.

Argh! All of this talk has made me think maybe I will go stand in that three hour long line at the Apple Store after all…