May you live in interesting times

We watched the debate last night. I thought it was pretty much a draw. I didn’t like McCain going into it, and he didn’t change my mind. Obama has great presence, great gravitas. But really, what can either of them say about the current economic woes? They both were good with the platitutdes, but weak on the concrete solutions. I read this article this morning, and it said what neither candidate could say and still get elected. But it’s the truth.

As far as foreign policy goes, I thought Obama came close to saying what I think: that the age of America is past and we need to wise up and stop trying to be international cops. I thought it was rather specious of McCain to chastise Putin for invading Georgia (a sovereign nation!) – apparently not all sovereign nations are created equal? At least when it comes to our invading them versus some other country invading them? Because, I assume, we always know best?

All of that aside, I could tolerate a lot of what John McCain says; it really is fairly middle of the road and often sounds not all that different from Obama’s message. But what sort of man who truly cares about our nation would select someone as grossly unqualified as Sarah Palin to be his running mate? On that point alone, he has completely, utterly lost my vote.