Oh, my aching sit bones!

chuck on the bike trailNow that the Las Vegas Triathlon is out of the way, we’ve fixed our focus on the next two races: a half marathon next weekend in Healdsburg, and a 50 mile bike ride in Solvang in November. So yesterday we ran 9 1/2 miles and today we hammered out a 40 mile bike ride. Then to top off the torture I did a two mile run after the bike ride to keep up my tri training. Now between my tired legs and aching sit bones I think I’m ready for a nice spa weekend.

The good news is that Chuck did the 9 mile run and 40 mile bike ride no problem. He was tired, but hey, so was I! He worries a lot about his recovery, and how slowly it’s gone. I think today the answer is a resounding, “Dude, you’re recovered!”


  1. Seriously Charlie – you just had chemotherapy for six months. I think you’ve recovered in no time! But, I know for someone who is so fit their whole life, it must be hard. Good job! I think I might be quicker than I thought – just ran 7miles in 57 min 40 sec. Woo hoo!

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